11 Stunning Garden Buildings That Give You A Place To Escape

beautiful building in a tropical garden
beautiful building in a tropical garden

The joys of having a backyard garden are innumerable from the beauty of a garden to the functionality when you start to grow your own fruits and vegetables. What is better than sitting amongst the plants that you have nurtured and cared for and watch grow from a seed? Now, you just need a majestic place to enjoy all the hard work you put into the garden. We have compiled 11 stunning garden buildings that will give you a place to escape to.

1. Home Office

If you are lucky enough to work from home you might consider having your home office in a small building situated in your garden so you can work as well as enjoy the scenery.

2. Gazebo

While not technically a building this provides a lovely place to sit and relax and enjoy your garden. Gazebos are wonderful for get togethers as well as a fabulous photography spot.

3. Home Gym

Do you work out from home often? Consider adding a small building like a prefabricated shed and turn it into a home gym. You can leave the doors open to enjoy the fresh air and the sight of your garden will help make the work out time go faster.

4. Play House

While not necessarily a garden building for you, the kids would also love to play in the garden, by giving them a space to enjoy themselves your garden will remain intact and the kids can have a magical get away.