11 Terrifying Plants That Want To Kill You

Nepenthes predatory plant
Nepenthes predatory plant

Plants are everywhere. We are totally surrounded by plants. Some are absolutely terrifying and we don’t even know it!  Here are 11 terrifying plants that grow in most areas.

11. Hemlock

The toxicity of this plant is infamous which is caused mainly by the toxin coniine.

It was used in ancient Greece for executing people and the philosopher Socrates was its most famous victim.

If you ingest even a tiny amount of coniine i.e. a few seeds or just 6-8 leaves, it will cause an “ascending muscular paralysis” and ultimately death as the paralysis reaches the respiratory muscles.

10. Belladonna or Deadly Nightshade

As the name clearly suggests this is an extremely toxic plant which should not be planted in any yard or garden.

It looks beautiful with its green leaves and purple flowers, and the blackberries might seem quite edible. But don’t be fooled. It’s very poisonous and can cause death if accidentally ingested by children or pets.

9. Japanese Barberry

This is not a plant that is deadly per se, like some of the noxious varieties we’ve put on the list, however according to studies it attracts black-legged ticks which are known to carry Lyme disease – so it is certainly better to avoid it in your garden.

It is also very invasive and is covered with sharp barbs make it difficult to keep under control.