15 Camping Hacks to Make Your Life Better

Hand holding a grilled banana on bamboo stick on fire to be served as lunch in the wilderness. Cooking basic food usibng basic cooking equipment is an essential life saving survival skill as well as a fun activity while camping.

There is nothing quite like shutting off all of your technology and camping out under the stars with a crackling fire and good friends and family. However, when without the comforts of home, we often run into some annoyances that we could do without. Here are 17 camping hacks to make your life better.

1.  Grits

Sprinkle uncooked grits wherever you see ants and want to repel them. This is an old trick that has proved time and time again to keep the tiny, pesky insects from overtaking a campsite.

2.  Corn Chips

Corn Chips, such as Doritos or Fritos, are of great use for fire starters. Throwing a handful or two of these chips will help get any fire going, and they will help keep it going, thanks to the oil content.

3.  Egg Storage

One average-sized plastic water bottle will hold around 8 eggs. Not only is this a convenient way to store them for travel and around the campsite, this eliminates the need to bring bowls to whisk them in before cooking. Used liquid coffee creamer containers are also great for this. Simply shake them up and pour out to cook!

4.    Sandpaper

Be sure to bring sandpaper along on your camping trip to make sure you always have something to strike a match against.

5.  Coffee Can or Any Empty Tin Can Make use of an old coffee can to transport and store toilet paper to keep it dry.