15 Essential Tips for Surviving in the Wilderness


There are few things better than a relaxing camping trip away from the trials and stresses of everyday life. However, even the most experienced hiker or camper can encounter an emergency on their outdoor excursion. Here are 15 essential tips for surviving in the wilderness.

1. Form of communication

While it may seem tempting to turn off your cell phone or leave it at home, it is always best to bring it along in the case of an emergency.

This could be the largest precaution you take to ensure your safety on the trip. Purchase a portable charging device to ensure that your phone does not die.

2. Water 
Keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important. Bring a case of water. It is always best to have too much rather than not have enough.

3. Purification

If you want to make a more environment-friendly decision, purchase a refillable water bottle that has a built-in water filtration system. These are great when you plan to be near natural water that has questionable drinking quality. If you find yourself unprepared, boiling water will purify it and remove any microorganisms that may cause your body harm.

4. Food 
Bring plenty of food with you on your trip. Trail mix, granola bars, and other pre-packaged foods that are easy to store and travel with are the best option in this situation. Canned goods are always an option as well.

5. Scavenging 
In the event that you do not come prepared with food for yourself, you can make sure of what the wilderness has to offer. At all times of the year, there are types of wild plants that are safe for human consumption. This can be very risky business, as it can be difficult to determine which plants are poisonous, and which are not. If you are not fully knowledgeable on wild plants, it may be best to avoid relying on them for food.