20 Awesome Facts About Flowers

Flowers can be used to express love, passion, condolence, and so much more. Not only are they beautiful, but for many people, they hold a special place in their hearts when it comes to expressing emotion and bringing a certain something into a loved one’s day. Here are twenty awesome and interesting facts about flowers.

  1. Sunflowers
    Contrary to popular belief, sunflowers aren’t named for their likeliness to the sun. They acquired their name because they will always bloom towards the sun, constantly tracking the sun’s movement in the sky.
    Sunflowers are also known for their height; the tallest recorded sunflower was over thirty feet tall.

2. Tulips

    In the 1600’s, tulips were considered to be more valuable than gold. The tulip was well known to symbolize life, immortality, and love. Because of this, their bulbs were a very valuable commodity in this time.

Tulip bulbs can be used as an onion substitute when cooking.

3.  Pink

The color pink is actually named after a flower.

4.   Evil spirits be gone

For hundreds of years, the Angelica flower was used in Europe as a cure for multiple illnesses, from something as simple as a cough to something as frightening as the Black Plague.

The Angelica flower was thought to ward off evil spirits.