26 Survival Myths That Could Kill You

We are going to do something of an “Opposite Day” for all of our fellow survivalists. So if you’re about to go out and face the elements on your own be sure to NOT follow the ideas listed below.

1. Always Drink from Large Rivers
You will hear many people that it’s perfectly safe to drink from large rivers and always drink from the largest river possible. The defense of this is that the larger the river the cleaner the water will be because everything will filter out. This is not only false, it is fatal. While it is true that moving water is cleaner than still stagnant water you should never drink from a river without at least boiling the water first. There are many rivers both great and small that are filled with bacteria and potentially deadly diseases, not to mention some are filled with chemicals from industrial dumps.

2. The Animals are More Afraid of You Than Vice Versa
This might true of some creatures but for some it might not be. Either way, it really doesn’t make a difference, the wildlife is still dangerous and a threat to your life. Fear often comes to “fight or flight” and your best hope is that they don’t choose option “A” especially if it’s a predatory beast like a pack of wolves or a ferocious bear. Don’t mess with them and avoid confrontation at all cost.

3. Some Good Spray will Keep you Perfectly Safe
It’s a good idea to invest in some animal repellent, but please don’t assume that just because you do you’ll be safe. You should still exercise caution and common sense practice like not leaving food around and not cooking strong smell meats like bacon.

4. Alcohol is Good for Surviving Cold Climates
You’ve seen the old movies and tv shows where the homeless man is guzzling away at liquor usually justifying himself with something along the lines of, “A guy’s gotta do something to keep warm!” Indeed it is a common misconception that alcohol helps you keep warm in the winter. It essentially numbs and/or distorts the sensing making the cold perhaps, seem more bearable. It also increases blood flow throughout your skin, making it feel warmer. However, this actually causes your body to drop in temperature more quickly.

5. You Can Remove Poison by “Cutting and Sucking” 
You’ve probably seen the movies where the protagonist cuts an “X” into a snakebite and then sucks out the venom, saving him from near death. Please don’t do this. Cutting the wound actually, exposes the venom to addition blood vessels and actually causes it to spread more quickly. Sucking it out can absorb into your saliva. Basically, you will die faster.