9 Expert Gardening Tips For Beginners

Have you been considering trying your hand at gardening but might not be real sure where to start? We have a wonderful write up for you today. Here we have compiled a list of 9 expert gardening tips that you as a beginner can benefit from. If you are an experienced gardener you might be able to use some of these tips to help your garden become better too.

1. Know your area

While this may sound silly we assure you it’s important. Taking you back to some basics not every plant will grow everywhere and we are sure you know that but think about and even look up to see what plants will thrive in your particular region.

2. Soil pH

Test your soil to determine the pH of it as well as to see what plants will do best in the type of soil you have.

Not only is the pH important but also you will need to know what type of soil you have sandy, rocky, dry, etc.

3. Game Plan

When you enter your gardening with a game plan you have less chance of overcrowding. Overcrowding can kill off plants quickly (yes, I have personally made this mistake a time or two). Keep tall plants, like corn and vine plants like pumpkin and squash to the outside of the garden so they have more space and won’t choke out other plants.