Grocery Store Gardening: 4 Hacks on Growing Tomato Seedlings

When attempting to begin growing a vegetable garden, tomatoes often come to mind as one of the staples that every garden needs. There are many ways to begin the process of raising tomato plants. Continue reading for 4 hacks on growing tomato seedlings.

1. Planting
Many people believe that to begin growing tomatoes, they must purchase seeds. While this is certainly not wrong, there are some more frugal ways to get the job done. If you have an overripe tomato in your fridge that you were planning on throwing away, you can begin your tomato garden right now. Simply slice the tomato about a quarter of an inch thick and place into a pot of soil. Place a layer of soil over the tomato slices, just thick enough to cover them.

2. Location
Tomato plants thrive on warmth and sunlight. Whether you are potting your tomato plants or you are planting them in the ground, choose a spot that receives direct sunlight for a large portion of the day. Tomatoes need about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day to produce the best fruits possible. Give each plant an adequate amount of space to allow them to fully develop and receive the nutrients that they need.

3. Care
Tomato plants grow very deep roots, so it is very important to water them deeply. They require a steady supply of water and nutrients, so be sure to water them as necessary. It is always a good idea to water them with liquid plant food every so often for an extra boost of nutrients.

4. Harvesting
You will soon see that your tomato plants will begin to produce some delicious and beautiful fruits. Make sure that as they grow, you trim out weak stalks and remove any weeds. When you harvest your tomatoes, you can enjoy your hard work.

The most wonderful part of eating fresh from the vine tomatoes is the difference in taste from ones that you buy. Even farmer’s market tomatoes have been off the vine for a while. Tomatoes lose a lot of flavor very quickly. Truly fresh tomatoes are a treat.

As one of your first acts as a new tomato farmer, try simply grabbing the tomato off the vine and eating it like an apple. It is a fruit, after all. A Caprese salad that alternates layers of tomato and mozzarella cheese, with fresh basil, some olive oil and Balsamic vinegar, is one of life’s simplest and most intense pleasures.

Enjoy your tomatoes. They are truly one of the world’s greatest fruits.