How to Not Die: Follow These 20 Tips If You Want to Live

1. Be Smart in The Face of Dangerous Wildlife

When someone sees a wild animal, particularly predatory ones, the instinct is to run away, usually screaming. Even if you’re not screaming most predatory animals have superior senses that will allow them to detect you anyway. Running will trigger their predatory instincts causing them to chase. More often than not they win the race.

It’s kind of like a cat when you drag a piece of string, the movement will cause them to pounce and they can move! It’s usually better to hide and wait for the animal to leave.

Fun fact: approximately 3-5 people in North America die from wild animal attacks, so luckily your chances are pretty good.

2. Keep Your Four Wheeler on The Dirt

In 2004 a 20-year-old man was enjoying a ride on his ATV around his home in Las Vegas. When he went to turn, however, the treads (which were high traction for riding in the dirt) got caught on the road. The vehicle flipped and his passenger was killed in the accident.
Fact: 1/3 of all fatalities, totaling over 300 since 2011, take place on paved roads. Keep them off the street and in the dirt, be safe!

3. Stay Away From Vending Machines 

You could be at work, a hospital waiting room or even at the mall when suddenly your stomach starts growling. You see vending machine. The snacks in them are usually very unhealthy, but that’s not what caused 37 people to die between 1978-1995. You know how sometimes your food gets stuck and the machine eats your money? The most common trick is to rock the machine until the food falls out, dispensing your tasty treat. Don’t do that, that’s what got them killed. In fact, don’t mess with vending machines at all, pack your lunch.

4. Look Around Before Jumping in The Water

There have been a few cases of Electronic Discharge that have claimed the lives of those diving in to save the day, or just for an afternoon swim. This is because docks have outlets and someone thought that was a good idea. The stats for these deaths are unknown because they are included with drownings, but due to many anecdotal accounts, some groups have urged tighter restrictions on dock safety, including outlets equipped with groundbreaking circuits. So before you take a dive make sure there aren’t any electronics nearby, or better yet, don’t take a dive.

5. Use The Push Mower

While you would think the sharp blades and the hard objects they sometimes repel would be deadly, it’s actually rider mowers that boast the most fatalities. They’re actually not great for slopes and as a result 95 Americans die a year, usually from flipping over. They’re usually fine on flat land, but avoid slopes and hills like a plague.