The 21 Best Hiking Sites in the World

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Ready to get out there and explore the world and see some places you can do some great hiking? We’ve compiled a list of 21 amazing hikes to do around the world. Enjoy…

21.  Mt. St. Helens, Washington State, United States

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Hiking in St. Helens is a science lover’s dream. Geologists from all over the world travel to this site to study the historic blast that took place on May 18th, 1980.

The best part is, you don’t have to be a mountaineer to reach the summit. You just need to prepare yourself for one serious day hike!

20. Milford Track, New Zealand

This beautiful trail sees over 14,000 visitors per year. It’s no wonder they filmed the epic Lord of the Rings films here.

19. Petra, Jordan

One of the few famous trails in the Middle East, perhaps there is no greater payoff for history buffs than the ancient city of Petra. While it takes several days to get there, the incredible experience of hiking to the temples in Petra will stick with you for a lifetime.

18.  Diamond Head, Hawaii (Pearl Harbor)

This is one of the shortest hikes on the list, but the historic significance of this World War II era site is enough to keep hikers occupied indefinitely. The site of the infamous bombing of Pearl Harbor, hikers can still see the ruins of World War II era machinery.

17.  The Long Range Traverse, New Foundling, Canada

This 25 mile trail through Gros Morne National Park is ideal for people who are less into trails, and more into forging their own path. If you want to see Moose, this is the trail for you.