The Best Air Cleaning Plants To Have In Your Home

Green leaves of Monstera philodendron, plant growing in botanical garden, tropical forest plants, evergreen vines

When we think of purifying the air in our home what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe, one of those expensive air purifying machines? Have you ever stopped to consider plants as a way to purify the air in your home? I never did either until now, and it’s for this very reason I want to share my findings with you.

Please take note though if you have pets and children…some of these plants (which I will be sure to mark for you) can be harmful and/or deadly to animals as well as children.

1. English Ivy

A climbing vine that thrives in small space, rooms with few windows and regions with little sunlight. This plant’s dense foliage is fabulous as absorbing formaldehyde.

2. Peace Lily

A lovely flowering plant that does well in low light, it does require weekly watering.

***Poisonous to pets*** this plant is great at ridding the air of VOC benzene and acetone.

3. Lady Palm

Tree like plant that rids the air of ammonia and adds personality to any room it resides in.

4. Boston Fern

With the feather like leaves this plant is fabulous at removing formaldehyde as well as toxic metals like mercury and arsenic from the soil. This is considered to be the most efficient in the air purifier list but is a bit difficult to keep alive; it needs constant moisture as well as humidity.

5. Snake Plant

Also referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue, has sharp leaves and thrives in low light. At night this plant absorbs carbon dioxide and released oxygen, it also rids the air of formaldehyde and benzene.