What to grow in your garden to naturally eliminate pests

New garden
New garden

Are you tired of unwanted pests destroying your garden and yard and have you been looking for natural ways deal with them? What if we told you, you can do that by growing certain plants that will take of these annoying pests? That’s right.

Here is a list of some plants to grow in your garden to naturally eliminate pests:


Want to say goodbye to those flies and mosquitoes in your garden? Plant some basil. Apart from being a delicious ingredient for many dishes, basil can act as a capable insect repellent.

You can go a step further and make a spray using basil by pouring equal portions of clean, fresh basil leaves and boiling water in a container. Then simply removing the leaves and squeezing all of the leaves’ moisture into the mixture and adding a similar ratio of cheap vodka.


Lavender may be associated by most people with pleasant fragrance but it is a great repellent for smalls pests such as moths, flies, fleas and mosquitoes. You can use it in various ways to keep these pests at bay.

Place a bouquet inside the house and on the doorways to keep the pests from coming in. Plant it in your garden to save other plants and yourself from these pests when you are outside. You can even use the oil extracted from lavender flowers on your skin for better protection when going outside.